Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Unexpected blessings

When we planned to leave Bangkok for the year, we knew it meant Whim would be putting his musical career on hold.

Though he was willing to put his love of performing aside in exchange for the adventures to come, it was still a sacrifice.  He is someone who truly loves what he does.

He must have held on to a hope that he would probably get the chance to play now and then. But neither of us expected this!

Whim has been invited to play with the worship team several times for churches in two different cities.  He got to play at a special Fourth of July event and was invited back to play at Kendall yards for a total of 4 weeks!

His Kendall yards event gig been a particular blessing for all of us.  I've loved having an excuse to be back in Spokane, where I have many friends.  Whim has loved being asked (on several occasions) if he's "the guy from Kendall yards"?  And the boys love the kid-friendly atmosphere.

And the Feingold friendly treats!

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