Saturday, August 6, 2016

L's prayer

The other day, L asked if we could go waterskiing. Behind the kayaks.

After unsuccessfully attempting to explain that kayaks don't go fast enough to create a wake, I changed my tactics.  I explained that unfortunately we couldn't, because you have to have the right equipment and you need someone to teach you.

He was not deterred. He prayed that someone with the right equipment would offer to teach him.  I appreciated his faith, but honestly, I was just happy that he dropped it.

Imagine my surprise when, two days later, our friend K mentioned that her husband wondered if the boys would like to learn to waterski.  Are you kidding me?!?

Here he is getting the basics.

The boys both got to try it.  And while they didn't become overnight skiing sensations - and indeed Lennon never even got up on his feet - that wasn't the point.

We got an answer to specific prayer (a prayer for a frivolous want, not even a need) and another example of God's individual, personal lovingkindness toward us.

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