Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Spring Canyon 2016

Our last day in Coulee was spent at Spring Canyon.

We were happy to find our neighbor friends there, too!  That's the fun of a small town, isn't it?

It wasn't quite what I'd call beach weather, but we made the best of it and even swam out to the dock to jump!

We had an quick and easy picnic - pb&js are a lot cheaper than approved hot dogs!!

I'm not sure what is up with the weather, but I do hope we get some hot summer days, soon!

We visited Dad's gravesite on the way home, and we took some time to talk about him and keep his stories alive.  It breaks my heart that my kids don't get to grow up with him, and this year at home should have included time with him.  But hearing about him is the next best thing.

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