Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Perry street fair and Discovery playground

The latest in the whirlwind-of-fun tour of Spokane was the Perry Street Fair. 

It was family-friendly and free: just our style. 

Kids with balloons!

Potato sack races!

Parachute games!

(Let me just say, the library was giving out hyper-color pencils!  As if they needed another reason to be our favorite!)

There was all kinds of junk food, too, of course. But we packed a picnic lunch and ate on our friends' porch!

Whim checked out the music- I'm sure he would have loved to play, but even his luck has its limits.

Our day didn't end there.  We headed to the valley to check out the discovery playground, and ended the night with Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the park.

The park was really something.  I read it was designed with children with autism in mind.  We would have liked to explore it more, but it was a little rainy.

By the time we sat down for the movie, it was freezing!  Next time we'll be prepared with blankets and sweaters!

We lasted until about 11:15 pm before we gave up and headed home.  I'm pretty impressed with myself, actually.

Part of me knows we're spoiling the boys with all the activities, but the other part of me doesn't care.  

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