Monday, July 4, 2016

Garland theatre 2016

The Garland Theater (formerly the Garland Dollar Theater) was an institute of my childhood. It played older movies for $1- movies that we hadn't seen yet anyway, so it worked out perfectly.  We didn't go that often, but just often enough that the hope was always present.  We watched The Little Memaid there.

What we never knew (or maybe it's a program that has developed sometime in the last 25 years), was that the Garland shows free movies every weekday morning during the summer.  They sill have their regular showings, which I think are $2.50, and hosts lots of special events, as well.

We took the kids to see the (new? newish?) Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, which we never would have watched.  They were thrilled, it was cute, we were all happy.

Then we took a little walk around the area.  Whim was thrilled, it was cute, we are all happy.

The boys and I enjoyed the graffiti art.

Whim enjoyed the many guitar and record shops.

We finished things off with a Feingold approved ABC cookie at the Rocket Bakery.

Then Whim made delicious bell pepper bowl spaghetti and it was a perfect day.  But it was only noon!  So we had time for one more adventure.

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