Monday, July 11, 2016

Fourth of July 2016 - Coulee

This is where we spent our "fourth of July weekend" (which turned into nearly a week.)

Just look at that yard!  For posterity, I will record its bounty: a play structure, a tire swing, a trampoline, two go karts, a basketball hoop, a chicken coop, all manner of cool toys, and -perhaps most importantly- a back gate that opened up into the neighbor's yard.  I marveled every time we went outside.

The backyard neighbors were my (and our host's) childhood friends, and they were all home for the Fourth with their families, too, so it just became a wonderful, writhing mass of kid humanity. I think at one point we counted 21 kids.  This was just the first wave.

The P's treated us like family and made us feel so welcome.  

For the Fourth itself, we had a barbecue with old friends, visited the park, and stayed up late for fireworks... but the highlight of the day was seeing Whim get to perform onstage at the Festival of America.

Whim never misses out for fear of asking.  When he heard there was live music planned, he leaned over to our friend S and asked who he would have to talk to to find out about performing.  The coordinator happened to be sitting right next to her.  They worked out a few details and it was set!

I know Whim is happy to see my happy and reconnecting with all my old friends.  But performing is what he loves, so I'm glad he got that chance.  Plus, now he can say he has performed onstage internationally... He'll never let that one go!

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