Friday, July 1, 2016

Food friends

Food is a fairly constant concern for us, whether we are back in Thailand or visiting the US.  Allergies, restrictions, gluten, additives, Feingold, our diet.... It's a constant part of their conversations and experiences in a way that is different from most kids.

We ask a lot of questions, bring our own substitutions, and say no a lot.  The kids are troopers and don't complain much, but I know it bothers them.  And the worst is the feeling that EVERYONE else eats whatever they want, and we're stuck with the restrictions.

It is the happiest thing about staying with our friends here in Spokane.  Their family is very health-conscious to begin with, then there's the gluten and dairy allergies, along with an egg, corn, and white potato sensitivity.  We feel right at home!

Food is already a tricky business for them, so our issues fold right in.

L loved the feeling of camaraderie. "They have their gluten-free, dairy-free Popsicles that we can't eat, and we have our additive-free ice cream sandwiches that they can't eat! Perfect!"

The A kids are so sweet.  All six kids (in various permutations) have played for two days straight.  We had a picnic in the park our first night in town, where we had delicious bell pepper tacos while the kids scootered and splash-padded to their hearts' content.

Then last night, Whim and J made another delicious Thai dinner: muu yang nam jim jaew (grilled pork with spicy sauce), grapow gai (basil chicken, but it was actually turkey) and namtok muu (northern spicy pork salad). The kids had the ever-popular bacon omlette, Thai-style.

It's time to move on to our next home-away-from-home, but we'll be just across town. Three weeks house sitting for the K family while they're traveling in Europe.  Maybe this time we'll invite them over for dinner at "our" house!

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