Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Feingold baking

Our time in Spokane is drawing to a close.  We've been so lucky to be staying with friends and housesitting.  Besides the major budgetary appeal, nothing beats the comfort of home... even if it isn't actually ours.

Between all our outings, I've been keeping busy in the kitchen.  We're still enjoying the novelty of cooking 2+ meals a day at home (unlike Thailand, where we can eat out often without breaking the bank.). In addition, I've been making all kinds of goodies.  We can't always find approved treats for the boys when we are out and about, but even when we can, they aren't cheap. I think when I make sure there are plenty of special things to eat at home, they don't mind too much when we have to say no.

Last week I made GF snickerdoodles.

And ice cream sandwiches with approved (and on-sale!) Tillamook ice cream.

Then, this week I made chocolate chip cookies!  M wants to make these cookies to sell at a lemonade stand. Think there would be any takers?

Since being here in Spokane I've also tried a few new things.


And a cherry pie!

Both the poptarts and the pie are courtesy of Feingold-approved pie crusts I found at the Gro{ss} Out for 38 cents.

This week we'll be heading into a new home in a new town.  There may not be as much going on as in Spokane, but at least we'll have another great kitchen!

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