Monday, July 25, 2016

Coeur d' Alene 2016

In elementary school, if I could have rubbed a lamp and been granted three wishes, one of them would have been to go to Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.

I heard about it on the radio, my older sister's friend used to live there, and there was no Google back then to prove me wrong.  So basically, as far as I was concerned, Coeur d' Alene was heaven on earth.

Last Thursday, my dear friend A invited us to dinner at her home in Post Falls, Idaho.  As it happened, it was the very day our housesitting hosts were returning, and we planned to be out of the house by that morning.

It didn't take a lot of thinking to settle on a place to spend the day.  

As we pulled in to Coeur d' Alene, my heart was literally pounding. I had no actual plans, and no more than the vaguest idea of what there was to do in the city, but that didn't matter to my long-dormant secret wish!  We were here!

We hiked a little, swam a bit, checked out the park, then took a walk.

Then we checked out the world's longest floating boardwalk. (Cool!)

Basically, Coeur d' Alene was worthy of every bit of my desperate desire!  What a beautiful place.  I wish we had a week there.

Looks like M feels the same way about it!

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