Monday, July 4, 2016

3 week check in

After 3 weeks of being on the go, I've seen interesting patterns develop.  I'm the self-proclaimed introvert of the group, yet I am going strong.

I have enjoyed the shifting sands of one week here, one week there, a loose schedule with plenty of wiggle room, and the close quarters with our families and friends so much more than I thought I could!  I am at a lifetime high in terms of enjoying each day, relaxing, and connecting with loved ones.  

Whim, the extroverted social butterfly, the go-getter, the doer, the seer... At this point, he was the most ready for a day to ourselves.  And now that we've got our own home (for the next few weeks) it's just what we did. {Of course, I don't blame him one bit.  Three weeks like this with Whim's family and friends might have me calling to arrange a plane ticket home!  He's been amazing.}

Interestingly, M had also seemed to reach the end of his rope.  He craved playtime with the A kids, then would lose his temper over tiny things or fall into a pattern of annoying behavior. I understand more than anyone, though, as I generally need my space.  Nothing wrong with needing a day or two to recoup! (L seems to be like me at this point: so far, so good!)

At any rate, our first day in our new place was a relaxed, home day.  We did the laundry, Whim and M mowed the lawn (part of our arrangement with our friends) and we played games.

Our friend had suggested a few games, and Qwerkle was the first big hit.  It's easy to understand and fun to play, but probably very hard to be good at!  We've probably played 6 times already.

I didn't manage to get any pictures, but the other great game we tried was Dixit.  It's a little like Balderdash or Wise and Otherwise (old favorites, where you try to guess the right answer among the answers given by your fellow players) but has a storytelling/art aspect as well. I anticipate many more rounds in the next few weeks!

After our home day Thursday, we were ready to hit the town (at little) on Friday.

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