Monday, June 13, 2016

We made it!

These two were amazing!  When we flew to Alaska two Christmases ago, I remember suspecting that maybe, at 4 and 6, the hard days of flying with young kids were over... Now there is no question.  Seasoned seven and almost-six-year-old fliers are a joy to travel with.

They were so reasonable, were able to roll with the punches and be flexible, and completely entertained themselves for 100% of both flights.  I watched 2 whole movies, ate my meals, and slept, just like I would have if I was flying alone! To be honest, it was probably easier than flying alone (because we got priority boarding) and definitely more fun.

We packed all their food in one carry-on, and then supplimented with the fruit that came with their airplane meals.  We even lucked out and got organic milk at the Incheon airpor. Knowing that we would have been ok without it took all the pressure off, though, and made it feel like a treat when we found it.

Who needs 18 dollar chocolate bars or 24 dollar packages of seaweed when you brought all your own treats!?

The 12-hour layover in Seoul definitely extended our travel time, but it made our trip easier in so many ways. It broke up the long flights, gave the boys a chance to run and play, allowed for space and time to sleep (not in a cramped, slightly reclined plane seat)... We even got hot showers and were able to change before our second flight!  

I had high hopes that it would reduce jetlag, and it seems like it has.  Definitely for Whim and the boys.  Ok, I did wake up at 1:30 yesterday (our second morning) but it's only fair to remember that I did that pretty regularly back in Bangkok, too.

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