Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tuesday business

Tuesday we had big plans.  Department of Licensing to renew a (way) expired Washington State driver's license.  A new ATM card from the bank.  Then transferring the title for our new car (!). And, lastly, a shopping trip for L's birthday cake ingredients and long-promised,long-awaited sleeping bags for the boys. If we could find out a little about new phones somewhere along the way, all the better.

We knew it was an impossible dream: way too many fussy, long-lined errands to do in one day, but we were going to try.

We did it all!  I can't believe how helpful everyone was, from each business to the next. And shopping with the food guide is so easy. You may not have too many choices in any one store, but it's so comforting knowing that whatever you choose from the list is going to be ok.  It took all the guesswork out of getting familiar with the new "healthy" brands.

Big thanks to Nana for spending her anniversary keeping the boys in the car for us, making each stop that much easier.  We were back home in time for lunch and turned in early that night for our next great adventure: The Lady of the Lake tour on Lake Chelan.

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