Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Grand Coulee Dam 2016

We wrapped up our time in Colville with a delicious Thai dinner (thanks Whim) and then said a teary goodbye and headed out for a quick trip to GCD.

For the record, as I kid I thought Grand Coulee was boring, ugly, and dry.  

I can't really deny that it is dry, but 'boring' places are quickly becoming my favorite, and the beauty is there if you know where to look.  (Hint: look up!)

We took the kids to view the Dam and check out the VAC.  I had never seen it since it was remodeled.  It's amazing!

The VAC is full of hands-on learning opportunities and interesting exhibits for kids. 

The jackhammer really vibrated! (With a fraction of the power).

Giant viewfinder binoculars give you a closer look at the dam itself.  (Sad that we can't walk across it anymore, like in the old days, but that's nothing new.)

An underwater work suit.

The whole place was bustling with machines generated on kid-power, real equipment that kids could touch and try, scale models, interactive games...

Compared to the handful of black and white photos it had back when we were kids, now it feels like a full-on children's museum.

The park was as beautiful as ever, with grass to run and play on and perfect trees to climb.

We didn't make it to the laser show, so that's all the more reason to be sure and head back soon for another quick trip.

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