Friday, June 3, 2016


Last week or so, the boys and I sat down to count up the coins in their piggy banks.  They don't get any allowance or anything, but they ask for coins they see lying around the house, and we'll pretty often let them have them the change when we buy something at 7-11.  They've each done an odd job or two for the occasional 20 or 50 baht, as well.

I figured they'd each have a few hundred baht rattling around in there, M maybe a little more since he's lost some teeth.

L had 900 baht (around 30 dollars) and M had 3,000 (100 USD)!   

Today we got it all exchanged for banknotes, and at the airport next Thursday we'll let them exchange it for USD.  

Hmm... Lunch on the boys when we get to the States??

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