Friday, June 3, 2016

L's K5 graduation

School's out for the summer!

The last day of school is the K5 graduation, and like last year, I had a special boy in the program.  This year the parents also got together to make memory books to give the k5 graduates.  

I didn't get any pictures during the program (on duty!) but I did snap this one of him looking through his gift afterward.

{Ungrateful side note: The parent putting together the covers made him the girl version (they made 2 different styles: blue astronaut/scientist and pink princess/flower.  No comment.)  I get that he has long hair, but come on! This parent has shared the story with MANY parents on many occasions of how shocked she was when she realized he was a boy earlier this year (despite him wearing the boy's uniform every day) so she cannot pretend she didn't realize.  Just had to take the opportunity to make fun of a five-year-old. Cool.  Luckily he didn't seem to notice or care, so I guess we got the last laugh.}

Anyway, the room was beautiful, the children were precious as they sang, and we ended the day feeling more excited than ever about our adventures beginning next week.

It was also a celebratory day because the balloon that M brought home from his graduation reached it's 1 year anniversary!  Naturally, we won't be taking it with us, so we can only hope it slumbers peacefully for the next 10 months and is waiting for us when we return to Bangkok next April!

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