Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Gilette Lake 2016

One of the highlights of our trip so far, (and not likely to lose that position for the rest of the trip) was our campout in beautiful Gilette Lake.

Everywhere you looked was beautiful open skies and lush forests. Before we had even reached the campsite, we were astounded by the natural beauty!

That's us!

And here's Whim getting a shot of our amazing hosts.

Within five minutes of reaching the site, we spotted a deer through the trees, and Whim was off to try to get some pictures!

Eventually we realized that the deer would be our constant companion.  But the first few sightings were so thrilling!

It was perfect.  A little cool, but that just made the fire all the more welcoming.  One drizzly day, but that just prompted us to take a drive.  The company was perfect, the view was divine, and the food was amazing!

Check out Corey cooking over the open flames!  We invented some pretty amazing breakfast potatoes, too.

No camp out would be complete without s'mores!  We made it work with what we could find.

I'm so glad the kids got the chance to connect with their cousins.  And the great outdoors just made it that much better.

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