Saturday, April 16, 2016

The home stretch

It's the home stretch, and we are barreling toward the finish. Spring break is over, and the end of the school year is in sight. 

Fifty-three days until we fly out, and yes, I'm counting.

The other day I happened upon a family on IG who were documenting the adventures of their own year away from home.  They are traveling though Asia with their two sons, currently in Thailand, and basically living our dream in reverse.

There's another account I've been half-following.  A picture-perfect family, with deep pockets and beautiful children in designer clothing, that travels from beach town to beach town all over the globe, posing in grassy fields with ice cream cones.  They have been fun to watch, but it has been more like a movie than anything else. Their life and their travel, as gorgeous as it is, is nothing like ours will be.

But this new family, they have pictures of cheap street food, kids complaining about long walks, sweaty bus rides.... It's real life, just not at home.  Our year is going to be exciting, and special, and full one once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for Whim and the boys.

But it's also going to be long drives with bickering kids in the backseat, frustrating grocery store trips looking for safe food for the kids, and pinching pennies like we do at home. So this real, non-#goals IG account has gotten me more exited than anything else.

That, and having our car issue settled once and for all! (Thanks a million M&M!)

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