Monday, April 4, 2016

No Brazil day

M came down with a fever this afternoon. It's nothing serious and I'm not really surprised- he's been slowly recovering from his recent bout of pneumonia since he got out of the hospital Thursday, but he hasn't seemed quite 100% yet. 

Tomorrow is his Brazil day celebration at school, though, so I expected major disappointment when I told him he would have to stay home.  He took it well. Or, more realistically, he didn't have the energy to be bummed. {Note: He had spent all Sunday morning telling me about the cable cars at Sugarloaf, and even spotted a structure on a construction site that "looked just like the Christ, the Redeemer statue" as we drove to church. This day was a big deal.}

So he spent the rest of the evening reading quietly in my bed. As I tucked him in to his own bed at the end of the night, he complained that he felt weird. He muttered, pitifully, "I think I'm experiencing ennui."

Awww. Poor boy.  Words are his whole life. He's probably been waiting for months to say that.  And when he finally got the chance, he was too sick to enjoy it.  Fitting though.  You can't exactly proclaim it with exuberance.

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