Friday, April 22, 2016

M-isms today

Me: Can you read that sign?

M: Which one?

Me: That one, there.  Do you see that tall thingy?  Over by the pond, the pointy tower thing...?

M: The obelisk?

Me: ...

This happens every day.  M's vocabulary is outrageous.  What the heck kind of 7-year-old is throwing out words like obelisk? 

Then today after school, he asked why he never gets to make cool stuff, like sew a homunculus.  What!?   

Because he somehow retains everything he reads, he has known much more than I do- about certain topics- since he was 4 years old.  But lately there's been a shift. It used to be specific things that he knew more about: ancient gods, presidents, dinosaurs.

Now it's the opposite. Yes, I'm still "smarter" overall, because I have 25 years of life experiences over him and the general understandings to go along with the book knowledge.  But now it feels like there are just specific things that I know more about.  Math, essay writing, high school Spanish...

But he's the smarter person between us, and that feels weird. His vocabulary is better.  He learns faster and remembers more easily.  He knows more "stuff", like national flags and capitals.  If we went head to head in a trivia contest, he'd win.

Obviously, he couldn't go off to college tomorrow, or take over my job. He's still very 7 and has so much to learn about life.  It's a touchy job to teach and train a kid like him.  Give him a few parenting books and he could probably do it better.  But I am up for the challenge.


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