Friday, April 8, 2016

L's kindergarten career day

It was kindergarten career day today at ICS, and L went as a video game designer.

He wrote and memorized his speech while he was out with pneumonia last week.

Hi, my name is L and I'm a video game designer.  Game designers wear casual clothes.  They write code and design video games.  I want to be a video game designer because I love and like animals and I'm going to create games about saving animals."

(Whim tried to get him to consider wildlife photography instead, but he knows what he likes, and he likes coding).  

I'm proud of him.  He really stood out from the crowd of kids who picked their costume based on what they had in the toybox and wanted to do their career because they "like it", or "it's fun".  He put a lot of thought into his speech, and it and it showed.

I can just see him in 15 years, working in his own games, still sporting a Star Wars t-shirt.

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