Monday, April 11, 2016

Kidzania (the food)

Luckily for me (or luckily for Kidzania) my opinion of fun places to visit is not very heavily influenced by what food is available there.

We know we cannot expect to easily find safe food for the boys while we're out, and we plan accordingly.  We ate lunch before we went, but now that we've been there, I see that we could have just as easily packed sandwiches.

The food at Kidzania was garbage, really.   McDonalds, Coke, junky snacks in the factories, and endless desserts from multiple bakeries...  It didn't bother me, as we had no plans to buy.  (Although we would have happily overpaid a little for some healthy options, just for the fun of it. Alas, we saw none. We are not their main demographic.)

One father we kept running into complained that it was indoctrination.

The kids get to bottle a coke, they become loyal coke customers for life.  A subliminal adverisment.

Same for Oishi green tea, Koh-Kae  peanuts, Meiji milk, and the prepared shopping lists that the shoppers could use at 7-11, full of junky snack foods.  They are all sponsers, and their logos are everywhere.

But I disagree.  The boys already see Coke everywhere, and they think it's cool, even if they've never had it.   They were thrilled to make their own bottle, and will happily display it on their shelf, without ever thinking of drinking it.

As for the Meiji milk, luckily it's the brand we already drink.  The boys both opted for plain while they were making them, so they could enjoy them afterward. 

And they were surprised to hear, during the Rosa ketchup-making factory session, that their ketchup contains no color, flavor, thickeners, or preservatives.  Hmm... We may have found a new brand of ketchup!  We've already got two bottles.

We ran out of time before they got to be sushi chefs, but I wonder if that would have been another safe option.  If we do decide to go, we'll have to find that out ahead of time.

Kids are influenced by food advertising, but they are influenced much more heavily by their parents.  I had no problem with all the junk in there, because it's nothing but a reflection of all the junk out here.

Kids who usually avoid junk food can avoid it just as easily at Kidzoona.

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