Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Central Eastville

Today was a holiday, and this morning the boys had a casting call for a possible commerical.  (Fingers crossed!)

Wednesdays Whim plays at the new Central Eastville, so we decided to make an event of it and hung out downtown all day. 

The boys brought card games, so when we needed a break (read: aircon and some water), we'd hang out and relax at Fat Gutz Saloon.

The atmosphere was great and the music was amazing. ;)

The rest of the day we spent checking out the mall, just the three of us.

We did a mini train ride, hit up two playgrounds, visited the arcade, and explored a topiary labrynth. 

It felt like we were on vacation, as we flitted from one amusement to the next.  But since it was all free (except 100 baht in arcade tokens) it was a vacation even this frugal mom could enjoy.

The boys were great- well behaved, grateful for each new activity, satisfied with enough, and not overly crazy or silly. 

It's always so fun to do something out of the ordinary!  Tomorrow's back to school, but we can all feel Songkran on the horizon.  Two more days.

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