Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Naturally dyed Easter eggs

Whim kept asking me if we were going to color eggs for Easter this year.  He's not usually the driving force behind our holiday celebrations, especially not American ones like coloring eggs....

Turns out he wanted to take pictures for his stock photos account. Hah!  Well, I was happy to oblige.  I don't know what the demand is out there for photos of naturally dyed eggs, but I really enjoyed trying my hand at making my own homemade, natural dyes.

I boiled beets to make red dye and red cabbage to make blue dye.  I used ground turmeric for yellow.  After a night in the fridge, they came out like the top photo.  (The marble egg in the back row was a plain white egg that I wrapped in a boiled cabbage leaf and left overnight.  I loved how it came out!)

Unfortunately, you can see in the bottom picture that the beet-red eggs didn't stay red for long. They faded and turned purple with white polka dots as water condensed on them. Luckily, the yellow and blue held true.

We decided to mix-and-match with different dyes and see how many different colors we could come up with.

The boys also wanted to try some rubber band stripes, so we boiled some more brown eggs and added them to the mix. Bigger rubber bands would definitely be better.

In the end, we got a lot of crazy-looking eggs.

Not many that you would call Easter colored... but interesting and varied, at least!  And there are three more brown eggs wrapped in cabbage to be revealed tomorrow.

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