Monday, March 14, 2016

Climb every mountain

Yesterday was M's first-ever birthday party invitation where the mom specified that it was kids only.  

Good for us, moms.  We're doing it.  

M's last two birthdays have been the same and it's more fun and less stressful for everyone.  We dropped him off at the mall to watch Kung Fu Panda with his friends.  No fanfare.  I didn't even snap a picture.  But it's big!  Stepping back and letting him go a little.

Whim and I hung around the mall with L in the meantime and happened upon a great climbing activity set up in one of the gardens.

L was in heaven and didn't mind missing out on the movie one bit.

He is so brave and is just built to climb.  I remember laughing about how he gripped the rim of the tub so tightly as a baby- I should have known he'd be a good climber.

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