Sunday, February 14, 2016

International night 2016

Every International Day, I am always so impressed with the other countries' traditional clothing, songs, and dances, beautiful art, and delicious dishes.  I will always be proud to be American, but we don't have that rich heritage of culture that other countries can draw from for days like this.

Our booth is always a happy mix of American flags, chili dogs, and cowboy hats. And our part of the show is pretty much always kids running around in Old Navy t-shirts.  It's never been bad, just not amazing either.

But this year, a new person volunteered to plan and orchestrate our booth and act.  A new, new person.  New to Thailand and to our school, one who had never been to an International Day, and who had no preconceived ideas of what it was supposed to be like.  

She had ideas, energy, and -bless her- time to put it all together.  She picked a theme- Hollywood- and made it all fit together.

Our booth was awesome, with a red-carpet photo op, movie food like hotdogs and popcorn, and free games.

And when it was time for the show, we had a music-from-the-movies mashup of singing, dancing, lip-synching, and general silliness that the kids could really be proud of.

I was helping backstage and didn't get to see it from the audience, but luckily a boy from school took plenty of pictures.  (Thanks, Time.)

The boys were in four parts.  I was proudest of their duet, because getting on stage and singing with confidence seems like such an empowering, awesome, growing experience, and they worked so hard to be ready for it.

But the group numbers were exciting to be a part of, and I know they loved them.


There was a moment, during the dress rehearsal, when the kids were practicing the final number... Moods were good, the end was in sight, and everyone could tell it was going to come together well after all the crazy practices....

The kids all suddenly joined in singing (the admittedly cheesy, but awesome) "we're all in this together..." lyrics from High School Musical and something just happened in that room.  It's what you wish for, for your kids.  At least, I do.  To be part of something, to have a special, shared experience with their friends.  To work at something and have it be successful. I wasn't the only mom in the room with tears in her eyes as they sang.

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