Saturday, February 20, 2016

Calgon, take me away

This spring will mark 12 years for me, in one of the world's largest cities.

I'm a small town girl at heart, but I've never minded the city too much.  It's interesting and full of opportunities.  There's usually something to do, or see, or try.  While I don't always like the traffic, the crowds, or the endless pavement, I do love our home, our school community, my job, and our life here in general.

Over the years, I've appreciated every chance to get away from the city, but always been content and happy to pull up to our driveway again at the end of trip.  And I'm still content here, but I'm finding myself appreciating those getaways more and more.

We were just away at New Year and then when the opportunity came to go for  Valentine's day, it felt like Providence.  Just what I needed. I came back refreshed and ready for city life.

Then on Thursday afternoon, we took a spontaneous little hike in the "urban jungle" near our house, and I heard myself sigh that it felt like getting away from the city.  We'd only been back from Prachinburi for 4 days!  What is going on?!

(It really was neat, though!  And not overly manicured like the parks. If you squinted, it could totally feel like nature.)

Mainly, I think just knowing that we're only a few months away from a summer back in smog-free small-town Washington and then a new adventure in small-town (sea-side!) California is making dirty, busy city life a little harder to bear.  I will miss a fair few things about our life here, but not traffic, cockroaches, crowds, or putrid-smelling sewer grates.

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