Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Arthit-Tara, Feb 2016

Whenever we visit Arthit-Tara, we look forward to a relaxing weekend with nowhere to go and nothing more exciting than choosing which book to read in the hammock.

There are no attractions nearby to entice us- no nightlife, no day trips, nothing we should "take the opportunity" to do since we're there.  It's only an hour from Bangkok, but it feels like the middle of nowhere... in the best possible way.

This last trip, Whim decided to take the boys out in the kayak.  I was getting over something and was under strict orders from them to relax, take a nap on the deck, and not to worry about a thing.

Three people in a tippy kayak.  What could go wrong?  At least they all had life jackets....

Despite my plans to snooze in the sun, I couldn't help keeping half an eye on them.  They were all laughing, purposely tipping the kayak over time and time again, but every time I looked, they had drifted farther and farther downstream.  Too far!

If I've learned anything from being married to Whim for 10 years, it's that he does not like being doubted.  If he said he can handle it, then he can.  

For maybe 15 agonizing minutes, I fretted.  I knew I would never be able to paddle us all back upstream if it was me out there.  Whim is obviously much stronger than me, but how much?

I imagined if it was me and, defeated, I had to yell for someone to rescue us.  As much as I would hate to call for help in that situation, Whim would hate it a million times worse.  He wouldn't risk the boys' safety, but he would absolutely destroy himself to battle his way back.

Eventually, I couldn't stand it any longer.  I asked the owner to take out the boat and bring them back.  Turn out it wasn't the first time he had to make that rescue.  I needn't have waited. 

Far from offended, Whim was so glad I had been keeping my eye on them.  He was in over his head and he knew it.

In the end, it wasn't quite as calm as some of our other visits.  But it was surely the most memorable!

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