Friday, January 8, 2016

Zoo day

L had to miss his class field trip to the zoo the week before Christmas.  A mysterious fever that kept popping up at night and then disappearing for the rest of the day made it impossible to make it the required 24 hours without a fever needed to get him back to school.  The day of the trip, Whim texted me from home every hour or two to let me know that - yep, he's still fine.  Sigh.

Anyway, I promised him that we'd take him over break, and yesterday we finally did.

We went straight to the sun conure aviary- my favorite place.  L went back and forth between hating it...

And loving it. Mostly loving it.  The jacket helped a lot!

His favorite part of the day, though,was the dolphin show.  We were really impressed with the trainers, and the dolphins were so smart.  

M's favorite part was the "Spy Wars" show, which somehow featured exactly zero animals, but which basically was made up of some power rangers characters and a string of pyrotechnics, fire, and loud explosions from start to finish.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole show because I kept thinking every other explosion would trigger a seizure.  It's been over a year since he had one, so it's probably safe to say that he won't have any more, but those explosions were so loud and so sudden!  I couldn't help it.

He was fine (of course) and sat eating his smuggled-in popcorn without a peep.  Speaking of snacks, I have to admit that the zoo offered several additive-free choices.

We brought all our own food, but hot corn on the cob and chilled fresh fruit were as easily available as the less-healthy options like the ice creams and chips.  And despite Est cola being advertised at every turn, cold water was cheap and everywhere.

Another favorite- giraffe feeding!  

The boys both brought their own pocket money and happily bought their own feed from the handlers everywhere we stopped.  L is so generous, he kept offering to buy all M's, too.

We hadn't been to this zoo since L was an infant, so it was about time!  

(Note to self for next time- pick a day when Whim doesn't work the night before and go early!  And we don't need to go to every show.. pick a few, and enjoy the animals without having to battle the crowd.)

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