Saturday, December 19, 2015

The force is with them

On Thursday after school, the boys got the thrill of a lifetime.  Thanks to a friend of Whim's, they got to participate in the opening ceremonies of the Star Wars, The Force Awakens Xperience grand opening/movie premiere.

They were excellent little Jedis.

The parade itself was so crowded I never got a decent picture, but the boys were eating up the excitement.  Then, much to my surprise, instead of ending the parade at the gate as they'd practiced, those marching ahead of them led them straight up front for photo ops.

I had to watch the rest of the event on the Jumbotron- I couldn't even see them through the crowd.

I had a moment of panic when the smoke machines kicked on, and thought for sure that the shock and noise combined with all the excitement would surely trigger a seizure for L.  But he never wavered.

My favorite moment was when L suddenly put out his hand like he was using the force.  One by one, the other kids followed him until even the men behind them were doing it.

What a magical night for them.  Sometimes I wish we lived in a small town, but opportunities like this make me really appreciate the city life.

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