Friday, December 18, 2015


I had milk warming on the stove to make Mexican hot chocolate for M's class party this morning.  I was also trying to quickly mix up some cookie icing and eat my breakfast at the same time.  (Moms at Christmas, I know you feel me.)

Then he asked if we could melt chocolate chips into his cocoa, too.  And I knew that face.  The same smile he smiles when he asks if he can sleep in my room on a school night.  The same way he looks when he asks if we can go for ice cream right after we've eaten out.  He knows I'm going to say no.  He knows he shouldn't... but he just can't help himself.

It's just so easy to say: "No, not this time bud," and remind him to be grateful for treats and that enough is enough.  I can do it on autopilot.  But luckily I realized it's just as easy to walk two steps to the freezer, grab a handful of chocolate chips, and blow his mind.  It's only the last day of school before Christmas break once a year...

His mouth literally fell open.  "Are you going to say yes to anything right now?"

It's made for a pretty awesome day.  Maybe I'll just stick with it.


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