Thursday, December 17, 2015

2 more days

I'm in a daze.  It happens every year... This pre-Christmas-break hustle and bustle threatens to send me over the edge as the vacation itself draws ever-nearer, but remains just out of reach.

This past week has been, if not busier than normal, then at least busier than I prefer, with a different variety of commitments than I usually get involved in.

I enjoyed joining a choir for our church's Christmas service.  And I am relieved that it is now finished and that part of my brain can relax.  Same goes for the field trip at school, cookie baking in my Kindergarten, the Christmas concert, and every other special thing we've had going on lately.  I'm ready for some Silent nights and some heavenly peace.

L is right there with me. This is his, "yes you're funny but I can't smile right now" face after the Christmas concert.

He got a mysterious fever that struck right before school yesterday (poor babe had to miss the field trip) and then promptly disappeared for the rest of the day.  Lucky for him, since we had big plans for that night...

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