Saturday, November 28, 2015

Twelve Pounds 'til Christmas

There are only 12 more school days until Christmas break!  

To get everyone into the holiday spirit (and into their holiday pants, most likely) we have a Twelve Days of Christmas countdown at work.  Everyone signs up to bring treats to share in the teachers' room.  I have to admit, sometimes you really need a piece of fudge to get you through those last few days.  

Now that I am a marshmallow expert, I knew just what to bring.

This morning I made 4 batches of marshmallows: chocolate swirl, vanilla, cinnamon, and strawberry jam swirl (do not recommend.  Too slimy).

This time was even easier than last time.
I dusted with cornstarch instead of powdered sugar (which was definitely dustier) but the marshmallows are much fluffier.

I also flipped the entire slab over after a few hours to allow the bottom to set before I cut them, which made the whole process much easier.

Maybe next time I'll do salted caramel!

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