Sunday, November 29, 2015

Now all I need is homemade chocolate

This is exactly how I feel every time I make something that I would normally buy.  

After the marshmallows worked out so well, I tried my hand at graham crackers so M could have real s'mores at his American picnic.  They were so quick and came out just like I hoped they would.  I used a gf recipe I found online and subbed ground sunflower seeds for the almond meal and a gf mix I had for all the flours.  

Instead of cutting out and moving each cracker, I just rolled them out right in the cookie sheet and then scored them with the back of a butter knife and poked fork holes.

For the second batch, I left a bit of dough around all 4 edges so the crackers themselves didn't brown on the edge, but these were fine, too. They didn't burn, just a little toastier along the edge on some crackers.

We made oven s'mores to test them out.  L gives them one thumb up.  His other thumb was busy.

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