Thursday, November 12, 2015

M's insect day

I love costumes.  Weird, because I don't generally like activities and I don't like social interactions, but man I really love to put together costumes.

I think it's because you can make them exactly how you want them (in isolation) and you have time to get them just right before you have to show them to anyone.  It's sort of like a puzzle to figure out.  What would make a good compound eye?  Could I use this for wings?  Like a real-life logic problem.

Plus, wherever you end up wearing it, you have something to say when the inevitable small talk rolls around.  

M couldn't be more different.  Sure, he's a book-worm, but what he really loves is telling people about what he's reading.  Anyone who will listen.  And considering that monologues are his favorite form of communication, speeches are kind of his jam.

This morning he gave an outstanding presentation about his chosen insect: the Sacred Scarab.  I got to pop in to watch while my own class was in a special and boy was I proud of him.  He was absolutely in his element (all eyes on me, sweet!) and managed to work in both Egyptian mythology and outer space into his 2-minute insect speech, along with a few jokes and a dash of dung.  

And as a personal milestone: for the first time ever, I sent him to a special celebration at school without a substitute snack, or an alternate plan, or an email to the teacher, or any micromanagement at all.  He ate what he could and didn't eat what he couldn't, and it was great.  

Actually, for once I think he considered himself lucky to have a built-in reason to pass on the deep-fried grubs and crickets...  

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