Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tricky treat Halloween boo-fest

Last night was our community's "Harvest Parade" (ridiculously named so as not to offend anyone, despite being 100% the same thing as trick-or-treating, consisting solely of kids in costumes, pumpkins, knocking on doors, and candy- but I suppose that's a rant for another post.)

Sadly, M has been fighting a bug since last Sunday, and by Tuesday L was down, too.  I kept trying to wait it out, thinking they were surely on the mend. They never looked that bad, but in truth. they weren't getting better, either. Finally, yesterday morning, Whim ran them to the doctor just to make sure nothing was wrong, and it turns out they've both got Influenza A.  Poor little lambs!  I should have realized sooner.  M's new library books have been on the kitchen table untouched since Monday- if that's not a dark sign, I don't know what is.

As if blood work and nasal swabs weren't enough for one terrible day, when they stopped at school to drop off the medical certificates, I had to break it to them that we couldn't go to trick-or-treating that night either.  

I consoled them that they could still wear their great costumes at home, and we could eat treats together, too, but they both cried that it wasn't the same as Trick-or-Treating!  They were right, of course.  I would have promised them anything to make up for it, but it turns out all they really wanted was to knock on doors and say trick or treat.  Hmmm...I can work with that!  I gave them a rundown of my plan, and they started drying their tears.  By the time L asked if we could call it "Tricky Treat Halloween Boo-fest" they were smiling from ear to ear. 

I hurried home right after school and we started treat-making.  They made another plate of Marzipan candy corn, we tried our first-ever batch of caramel popcorn, and then finished with doughnuts.

Then they got dressed and it was time for home!  They got doughnuts at the front door, caramel corn at the downstairs bathroom door, chocolates at their bedroom door and candy corn from my room. They even got a pack of soccer cards in the living room, despite no actual door to knock!

The best part was that they were truly thrilled.  They weren't just making the most of it- they were completely happy and satisfied.  They actually had so many nibbles while we were cooking up all the treats that they didn't even end up eating their haul afterward.  We settled in to watch cheesy old halloween movies and called it a perfect Tricky Treat Halloween Boo-fest!

I hope can come up with an equally satisfying Color Run substitute.  We were so excited! :(

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