Friday, October 23, 2015

Fake additive-free candy corn

I love candy corn.  Pure sugary bliss.  We can't get candy corn here, and even if we could, those tantalizing yellow and orange stripes would be off-limits for the boys.

This morning I made three batches of marzipan- one batch with pumpkin purée for the orange section, one with powdered dried mango for the yellow, and  finally, one plain almond batch for the white.

No, it won't taste like real candy corn.  And it's not as bright and shiny as real candy corn, either.  But for two little boys who've never had the real deal- it'll be a special Halloween treat.

I rolled out three thin strips, pinched them together, and started cutting.

Even though the white is supposed to be on the bottom, the ones with white tops are cuter!

L already sampled some scraps.  I can't wait for M to wake up so they can all try some!

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