Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Canadian Thanksgiving

M's first grade class has been studying Canada, and today they celebrated with a Canadian Thanksgiving feast.  M has been absolutely fascinated with this Canada unit- like the food pyramid lessons from back in K4- because it is brand new information for him.  He actually wants to go there for our next vacation.

They all dressed in Canadian colors and had a feast of Canadian dishes.  His teacher offered to let me make him additive-free versions to take in, which I appreciated so much and fully intended to do...  Except that it was his birthday last weekend. I would have had to be looking up recipes, shopping, prepping and cooking all weekend, and I just couldn't.

I made him an offer- if he could sit through the feast and just chat with his friends without eating, we could go out to eat as a family after school and he could pick the place.  But if he didn't want to miss out, I'd make a few of the foods from the menu that he wanted most.

Thankfully he picked dinner out.  Phew!

This morning, I checked to make sure he didn't regret his decision.  He didn't mind at all.  "It's just like I'm a Canadian person with food allergies at a feast!"

It's all about the perspective!

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