Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Walk like an Egyptian

"And I know what you're thinking: Sekhmet, daughter of Ra, could basically be considered Ra's personal assassin, right?"

That is totally not what I was thinking...

I liked the mythology obsession so much more before Egypt came along. I loved Greek mythology, and the recent journey into mythical creatures has been so fascinating.  Give me a 20-minute monologue about hippogriffs and boggarts or færies, any day.  But hippo gods and Anubis and sarcophagus rubbings... I don't know.  It takes all the self restrain I have not to roll my Eye of Horus!

There is one sweet memory I'd like to hang on to from this season in M's life, through.  One afternoon, he and L were using a library book to write hieroglyphic  messages to eachother, and in that brief moment, life was easy.  M snuggled up to me and asked if I could have a meeting with his teacher to see "if there was any way hieroglyphics and Egyptology could be added to the schedule for first grade?" It was just so earnest.  Like it just might be possible.

If homeschooling ends up being part of our future, that will be our first class.

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