Thursday, September 10, 2015

Six weeks in, we're still good.

M's been sick and out of school all week.  In retrospect, he probably had influenza B, since there are cases popping up all over our school. But whatever it was, he's over it now and will finally be back to school tomorrow.

I have, in my more desperate hours, thought about homeschooling him.  I figured he could be with Whim during the day, and could do independent things like reading or math skills review while I was at work.  Then, I could teach him one-on-one things in the evening.

Well, this week gave me a taste of that. (Not exactly, since he was just doing all his regular schoolwork every day after school and that isn't what we'd do.  But it gave me an idea of what that life would be like.)

I can see that it wouldn't be easy.  I hardly got to see L all week, and though M and I had our evenings together, it was serious work time, not relaxed downtime.  I would do it if we needed to.  I will do it if we need to.  But I'm so glad that- this year- we don't have to.  

M's teacher shared with me that our principal, after observing her class, commented on how much he has matured.  That is wonderful to hear. While I know that not every teacher is as amazing as Mrs. D and will not accommodate him as well as she does, I do hope that by the end of this year, he will have matured enough that he can handle being in a classroom without as much differentiation without resorting to silliness to entertain himself.

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