Saturday, September 19, 2015

I can do anything good

Organizing/decorating our house over the past seven years has basically been a never-ending game of musical bookshelves.

When you've got an entire brand-new, empty house to fill on a budget, well... bookshelves it is, right?  At least, that's what we did.  Even our kitchen was mostly bookshelves until pretty recently.

Our house is probably never going to be the stuff of magazine photos, but we're slowly tackling one project at a time, and I love it when one of those early bookshelves finds a place that finally makes sense.

Today we moved an under-used and weirdly-placed shelf from our room into the boys' room (with its twin, which has been there for several years in various incarnations), and now they finally have room to store all their puzzles and board games!

I couldn't be happier... except maybe if I had figured out a way to organize their clothes while I was at it.

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