Saturday, August 29, 2015

Spirit Night

Sports at my school are nothing like what I grew up with.  First of all, we don't even have the same sports (no American football, yes boys' volleyball, no tennis, yes badminton?, yes basketball, but also swimming and soccer, of course.)

But more than that, the community/school spirit vibe is so different. Hardly anyone goes to the games, the gym is bare, there's no cheerleaders or dance squad. No music. There's no 50/50 raffle, no halftime half-court shots, no cake raffle... no kids running around under the bleachers, ignoring the game but loving the excitement.

Last night was spirit night, though, (a double double-header: soccer and volleyball) and let me tell you, it felt like home. 

Everyone dressed up in school colors and cheered.  They had pompoms and noise-makers.  The pep band was playing.  The boys ran off to cheer and play with the other kids and I felt like we could have been in any old high school gym back in eastern Washington.

Whim brought dinner, so we didn't mind skipping the pizza.  I think next time I'll make popcorn!  I wish every game night was this fun.  

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