Monday, August 17, 2015

I love my whole life! I can do anything good.

I love M's teacher. I have such a good feeling about this year for him.

We're two weeks into the school year, and already I see such a huge difference in him.  He is happy, and he is learning.  He is being recognized for positive things in the classroom, and is -joy of joys- expected to stretch himself and do things he hasn't already mastered.

Mrs. D is a genius.  I don't know how she can teach this full and extremely varied class and meet every child at his level, but she does.  

M's first personalized spelling list (last week everyone had the same list just to learn the ropes and try out the word work/homework/test procedure, but from now on they are individualized) has a word or two that I would have to double check, myself.  I love that!!  

Whole group reading instruction is all strategy-based mini lessons, and then the kids work on those strategies on their own by reading books AT THEIR LEVEL and conferencing with her!  It's amazing. She values the fact that M can read (ie isn't making him pretend to learn to read for the third year in a row now) and actually expects him to become a better reader during his time with her.  Let me just wipe this tear from my eye...

Math seems to be straightforward- a lesson a day and a page of homework.  It may never be more individualized than that, and that's fine.  How much can one lady do?  I did notice a lot of links in her website to math-related sites, so I'm sure she has things going on there.

Even Bible has his number.  He's thrilled to be memorizing the books of the Bible in order.  I never would have thought to teach him that, but it's useful and it's just right up his alley.  I may have to brainstorm some good ideas for him to memorize, for when this is finished.

I know I'm counting my chickens before they hatch here, but I just can't imagine these next several months being anything but positive.


  1. This is so perfect for him. What a gift!
    And...because it's bugging me, are two of those spelling words crossed off, or is that font just horrible?

    1. Good eye! It's crossed out. She had never given this list, so she didn't realize that one of the words had an inappropriate definition (basically it was a synonym for an adult rendezvous.) So she crossed it out before she gave it to him. :)