Tuesday, August 4, 2015

First day of school 2015-2016

M was off to first grade this morning, and L had his first day of K5.

We had a great day across the board.  My new class seems like a sweet, gentle group of kids. 

M's new teacher is a reading specialist who works with each child at his own level (!!).  We secretly slipped the fourth Percy Jackson book into his desk before Open House yesterday and pretty much set the tone for a perfect year, in his eyes.

L's new teacher is determined to meet her students' individual needs, too, and spent the summer reading up on a teaching method that maximizes small-group instruction and one-on-one time with students.  I haven't clued her in yet on L's math stuff yet, but it will make itself known sooner or later.

Ready or not, here we come!

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