Saturday, August 1, 2015

Family circus

Several weeks ago, M revealed to me a relentless desire he felt inside to "do the impossible." He had no particular impossibility in mind, but he felt driven to achieve something unachievable.  Not surprisingly, he was frustrated that he could feel so compelled, when he knew that by its very nature and definition, his goal could never be accomplished.

At the time, I answered that history is full of people who did things that had never been done before. I thought of early NASA engineers, the Wright Brothers, Madame Curie... even a book I read as a child about Koko the gorilla and the woman who taught her to sign.  I told M that based on the understanding of their time, they all had achieved the impossible. And if he cared enough about it, he could find a way to do it, too.

I have to admit I was proud of my answer.  It was one of those rare moments when the right words come at just the right time.  It felt sort of momentous, like a pivotal moment in his life.

Fast forward to Friday: Whim - through a work connection and his unfathomable ability to make friends wherever he goes - got us tickets to the circus.  

It sounded like a fun afternoon for the boys, so I called it a lucky day and didn't ask any more questions.  As we pulled up to Impact, I was thrilled to discover that our "circus" was actually Cirque du Soleil!

(We weren't permitted to take pictures during the show, so we took one of the empty stage beforehand, and some selfies.  Those lighted arches are where all the best parts happened!)

The performances were incredible! Breathtaking stunts kept us all on the edge of our seats, and the surreal, bizarre atmosphere ensured we could walk away saying we'd never seen anything like it.

At one point, L leaned over - eyes never leaving the acrobat as she contorted in the silk curtain high overhead - and whispered a sentence I never thought I'd hear: "I'm not going to be a racecar driver anymore." 

M sat in stunned silence.  After intermission, he slipped his hand into mine, gave me a look and said, "Thank you for this."  He was so touched, I had to ask him to elaborate.  

"They're doing the impossible."

One day my heart is going to break in two out of sheer love for him.

And him!

All of them.

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