Saturday, August 1, 2015

Book talk

On Monday I brought back all of M's summer library books.

Reflection, remembering, and notes to self for future reference:  

(If you have a reader with similar interests, feel free to eavesdrop or chime in.)

- His love of Greek mythology is still all-consuming.  Anything relating to Greek mythology is a sure win for now.

- Celtic myths will not suffice.  Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian.  In that order, and apparently, only.  The Thai mythology never even came out of the library book box.

- He reveled in the way the the Secret
Series author conspired with the reader.  Other, similarly narrated books would probably go over well, too.  I think Pseudonymous Bosch has another series... At least I saw one other book for sure.

- Racso was good.  Get the first one.  Does this author have other books??

- Rump's humor was right up his alley.  Jack, and hopefully Red, will be a good fit.  The Hero's Guide series was similarly themed (reimagened fairy tales).  He would probably balk at the princess ones, but look for other neutral/boyish ones.

- The Secret Garden took a week to finish, by far the longest time of any book, even books twice as long.  The Yorkshire was very appealing to him, but it must have worn him out because he never read it for long stretches. Worth noting: a classic has never let us down yet.

-The Hardy Boys struck out.  I would have bet money on them being a fun read for him, but he tried #1 a few times and never got it to stick.  I think the boys are too old and are not interesting to him.  I will look for a mystery with a younger protagonist. Or maybe the Hardy Boys are just boring?

Say a prayer for his first grade teacher.  On Tuesday morning she's getting M, non-readers, and everyone in between and I know she'll be working hard to find ways to reach everybody.

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