Friday, July 10, 2015


We are back!

We are back at the Centara Grand Mirage in Pattaya. They called Whim up and talked him into a membership card... Better make the most of it, right?

As much fun as we had on our overnighter for Lennon's birthday, knowing we have three days this time has made the trip much more relaxing.  We don't have to do it all and see it all, all at once.

Yesterday evening, after a day in the sun, we hit up the game room.  I have a thing against game rooms usually. You're on vacation, or you're at the movies, or you're someplace special, already.  Game rooms seem like an unfair temptation to dangle in front of kids, when their parents are already treating them.

But, it's their vacation, too.  And a half-hour in there with a handful of ten baht coins was a rare thrill for them.

We ended the night with the Polynesian dancing/fire show.  We opted for lounge chairs on the deck where the boys could move (and cheer!) freely rather than tables nearer the stage, so I don't have any close up shots.  The fireballs didn't disappoint.

I always hesitate to do touristy things (like the fire show) but as my mom said, tourists do them for a reason- they're fun!

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