Sunday, July 5, 2015

Summer mornings

All summer, the boys have been staying up later and then sleeping in.  I'm loving my quiet mornings!

Every evening at bedtime, either we'll all snuggle in for a movie (and I fall asleep) or I let them stay up and read in their room with the light on (and I fall asleep.)  Either way I am happily sleeping, and the next day, they are happily sleeping in.  

I've gotten greedy with my mornings though, and want to make sure they continue.  I've realized a few things.

After I exercise and shower, I get back in bed.  I have to.  The minute I radiate "up for the day" vibes, L is awake.  So I sneak back into bed and read and pray and check in with my family and play word chums and write blog posts and bask in the silence.

If L wakes up and I'm "still in bed", he'll get in and sleep- for 2 more hours.  Two more glorious, silent hours where no one is asking me questions or climbing on me. But if I'm up, he's up, too.

M has gotten the hang of sleeping in and doesn't need any intervention.  Two days ago he slept until 11:30, and I had to wake him up so we could go to lunch.  But I'm not taking any chances.  So I always make sure there is a book right by him when he wakes up.  My thought is, if he wakes up too early, it should distract him.  It hasn't been necessary so far, but you never know.

The other day, though, he came to me with fear in his eyes and told me he was really worried about something.  "I don't know how I'm doing it," he confessed, "but I'm reading in my sleep."

Oops...I never stopped to think what that conveniently-placed book would seem like from his perspective!  

School starts so early here, it's hard to get up early enough to make a quiet morning durning the school year.  But I'll try to soak in enough throughout this month to last me until October break!


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