Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Movie night

What do you think of M's minion costume for our movie night yesterday?

L didn't want to dress up (just as well, we only have one pair of overalls anyway) but M loved being the center of attention and had people snapping pictures all evening.

The boys laughed through the whole thing (though I have to admit I thought the first movie was much funnier.) 

Regarding movies: While I am generally a strict, stick-in-the-mud rule-follower, we totally do "sneak" snacks (and a blanket) into the theatre.  Only because there is not one thing at the snack bar that the kids can eat (and it's freezing).

I carry everything in plain sight and always hope someone will stop me, so I can explain. But no one cares.  Yesterday was an all-time, personal record of awkwardness- we walked in with an entire plate of homemade cookies.

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