Monday, July 13, 2015

Last day = sick day

After a lot of fun in the sun, poor M woke up with a stomach bug the last day of our trip.

He has always been such a "good" sick kid.  He never complains, rests peacefully, and keeps a positive attitude. He doesn't milk it a bit and never even puts on that pitiful "I'm sick" face.

Don't ask me where he gets it from.  All I know is that it did NOT come from me. Both Whim and I are huge babies when we are sick, and we need people to know it!

M basked in the attention all the way home, where we put him to bed and coddled him and let him pick a movie (Tintin).  He was pretty violently sick all day, but thankfully he fell asleep easily and was able to rest through the night. 

The next morning he ventured gingerly, "I don't mean to be demanding, but when you're sick can you ask for presents to cheer you up?"  

At that point he was already looking perkier, but... of course you can!

He spent most of the day in bed reading, and Whim and L even went out to Asia books to pick out a present (and some grilled duck: "Sick people can ask for a special food, right?") but he was coming around.

At one point in the day, I had to reprimand him for something minor.  I scolded, "Even though you're sick, you still have to follow the rules, you know!"

His eyes immediately filled with tears and he was too sorry to speak.  When he finally was able to croak out the words, he confessed: "Well.... (gulp) the truth is... (sniff)  I don't have that much experience being sick and... (blink) I didn't know what was different and what was the same!"

Ok.  That is cute.  He is so honest.  I am truly lucky to have such communicative children.  I don't always remember that for five- and six-year-olds, the world is new and full of mysteries.  When you're sick you get attention and special treatment, maybe you can break rules too?
Thankfully everyone is back to good health.  And just in time, since we're heading to Chiang Mai this week to see P' Wum and her (soon to be born) new baby!

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