Friday, July 17, 2015

Checking in from CM

Yesterday we took the world's easiest flight to Chaing Mai (it's a very quick domestic flight and the boys were angels!), and with any luck, will be meeting our new neice any day now.

Whim's sister- adorable even at 9+ months pregnant- picked us up at the airport and brought us to our charming guesthouse, where we will be staying for the next five days.

Whim and the boys already took advantage of the pool yesterday- nevermind the squall!

I stayed inside to entertain my nephew like a sane person!  I couldn't resist sneaking a few pictures though.

We have a few penciled-in ideas for sightseeing in CM, but it all depends on our neice and when she decides to make her grand arrival!  Soon, we all hope!

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